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March 15, 2014

Is this what happened to Al Gore?

Filed under: Canned Heat — mcgonnigle @ 7:10 pm

Legend has it that J spends every night lately, with a snifter of The Kraken, ensconced in the high backed leather chair, creating solar systems and then watching them stabilize.  He does it with this.  He’s pondering precession, among other things.  The corncob pipe with the Half & Half is put aside–he’s agog.  He’s also beside himself at the thought of Liverpool beating ManU at Old Trafford and making the title race ratchet tighter.  If there were a high backed leather chair on The Stretford End, he’d be there.

It’s addictive.  It’s hypnotic.  It’s educational as heck; I was explaining, or trying to explain to my son how Neptune was discovered and he didn’t get it and that lead to the search for this.  He has a better grasp of it now!

I think, it could replace the lava lamp, or the nightlight.  You create a nice system and you really feel like you are the man!  Try it.  Don’t just use stars, either.  Fling a planet and then put some asteroids near to it and make your own dynamic system (the stars don’t move–the planets do and we know in reality, that the whole system moves so I like that better.  In fact, the Earth doesn’t revolve around the Sun; they BOTH revolve around their mutual center of gravity!  For big vs small dances, that point might be inside the bigger object, but that object would still then wobble about that point!)

(oh yea, and one more thing, please don’t tell a global warming Liberal about the Sun–scientists that they are, they don’t want to know)

Found another one.  They each do things the other does not do.  If you create two equal sized points, you will see them both move or wobble like I said above.  The trails slowed my pc down–but they can be turned on or off and I had the whole cluster on so maybe that was it.  I will use this one to show my son how the influence of gravity is less as you move away because at age 6, I’m just not getting into the Inverse Square Law~.  You just create a medium or heavy object and then a line of light ones, running away from it–you will see the ones close in interact and the others be hardly affected at all!  I love it!


  1. Need your e-mail address to send picture of real leather chair

    Comment by J Bertha — March 18, 2014 @ 1:13 pm | Reply

  2. Um, Nobody who pontificates in a high backed leather chair of any merit would A) drink rum, and B) drink crummy rum like the Kraken.

    Comment by GregB — March 31, 2014 @ 11:24 am | Reply

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