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June 11, 2013

Stay classy MLB

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Why is Cano the HR Derby captain AGAIN? For the 3rd time, is it? He failed to hit even a single home run last time and didn’t pick Billy Butler when the game was in KC. Stay classy. I find it hard to believe that MLB can’t get a better guy to do this. Don’t forget to tell your kids NOT to play like Cano, who NEVER runs hard to first base. I’ve never seen a big leaguer try harder to look cool while playing the game than Cano. He’s obsessed with how he looks when he plays. Oh well, it’ll be hard for him to do worse than he did last year–zero.

Marco Scutaro looks to have broken his hand tonight on a HBP. A shame. I love to watch Scutaro play. His postseason and world series MVP last year was amazing. Get well soon, Marco.

The Giants have also lost the Panda for a period of time to a possible broken foot. Another crazily talented guy who’s fun to watch. I guess I’ll watch Cano “run” to first while they’re out.

Vogel out too. At least Gaudin has thrown well. A bright spot.

How’s the Yankees’ plan for getting under the luxury tax mark working out? They over 230 million now? Oh the humanity.

Let’s talk a bit about Jeter. I know he’s sacrosanct. I know we’re not allowed to question him in any way (or the Yankees’ crack medical staff). But how did the guy break his ankle? How? He took a step, folks; a basic step! For cryin out loud! I have NEVER seen a guy break a bone doing virtually nothing. I broke an ankle playing soccer and let me tell you, it was an act of singular violence. There was no mistaking it. There was NO putting weight on it. I don’t want to hear this HOOEY that somehow, [breahtless] “the captain” has a high pain tolerance and he played on an ankle already broken…bulls***. Not only can you not put one iota of weight on a broken ankle, but the pain is the kind of pain that makes you sick to your stomach. So I’m not buying the “heroic” line they are pushing.

And how did it not heal? How? This guy was operated on and saw doctors and took care of it. HOW does it re-break? No one has any explanation for this. I would not be surprised if it emerges that the guy has some kind of health problem that has contributed to this. I hope he’s all right–I’m not wishing anything bad on him, please don’t misunderstand, but I am saying that I would not be surprised if he turns up with some type of rare Dx for a bone malady that might cause this, because it does not make sense. And if he were ANY other player, they would actually be allowed to write about it.

Went up to Rhinebeck, NY to see WWI weekend. Saw the Spad fly. Saw the Fokker D-7, the only plane specifically mentioned in the Versailles treaty. The D-7 did things I had trouble believing if I did not see it!! Amazing things that an airplane is not supposed to be able to do. Also saw the Fokker triplane. They had an Albatross–beautiful. And a Neuport but those did not fly.

I have been to the RAF Museum at Hendon and to Boeing and the Smithsonian and I’ll tell you, you will see all these planes there, hanging from the ceiling, but Rhinebeck is the ONLY place you will see them FLY.

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