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May 10, 2013

Pirate protest upheld on pitcher-must-work-to-one-batter protest: in 1948

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Due to the umps blowing the call last night on the pitching change or non-change, Swami checks in with a similar situation in 1948 that cost the Dodgers a ballgame vs the Bucs. Here is his recollection:

“…this is a bit sketchy but his happened to the bklyn dodgers in 1948 against the pitts pirates which was played in pittsburgh. Believe it was reliever Clyde King of the dodgers who was brought in to relieve against the next scheduled right handed pittsburgh batter. Pitt mgr. brought in a lefty PH to face righty King. Dodger mgr Burt Shotton removed king without him throwing one pitch and pitt protested the game which the dodgers won.

However, pitt won the protest and the game was resumed during pitt’s next visit to ebbets. I remember: pitt SS stan rojek = who was traded to pitt after ’47 season with dixie walker for preacher roe and billy cox = hit a ground ball double down the third base line with the bases loaded clearing the bases and …pitt won the game……. and also the regularly scheduled game that followed. It was really a down year for the dodgers who came so close to winning the ’47 World Series === Pitt finished 4th that yr and they usually finished 8th.”

You think those clowns on MLB channel are going to have this story from the 1948 Dodgers? But you get that here, Rag readers. Thanks Swami.

Shotton, the Dodger manager after Durocher and before Dressen, was the last man to manage in street clothes besides Connie Mack.

Swami is mad at me because my boys are rabid Giant fans. He says it ain’t right. He might be right because now the 5 year old wants to stay up to 10 or 11 to see the first inning of the Giants. He understands the time change and a lot of other baseball things as well. I’m not trying to drum it into him but he’s very into my fantasy team and he loves checking if guys are in the lineup or if they got hits and sometimes he tells me something and I just don’t understand how he knows that!

Swami and I also went back and forth on the Thomson home run. I maintain that it was a hard, sinking line drive and would have been a double in any other park. Swami, thinks it was an easy out in any other park. I have downloaded and printed out the two parks to the same scale and I want to overlay them and do a nice job on it. Amazingly, there’s on overlay available on the web of it!

I looked at the youtube clip and it seems the ball goes out over about the 315′ mark. It’s a 17 foot high wall and it gets one or two rows in. So, let’s say it clears the wall at 20′ off the ground at the 315′ mark. It’s a sinking liner. It probably carries another 25′ from the wall mark, making it a 340′ shot, conservatively. I think Ebbet’s Field is 340′ at that point. Unless Pafko was playing extreme pull on Thomson, he probably does not get back to the wall to catch it! Now, you say you can SEE Pafko at the wall already in the shot from the Polo Grounds. Well, the Polo Grounds had odd dimensions; where was he starting out from? Would he have been playing there in Ebbet’s Field? It may come down to that. He won’t buy it, either.

And he’s going on about the Dodgers coming alive on June 1st. The Giants are alive tonight! Winning 6-3 with Cain on the mound. If Pence is our Don Mueller, Cain is our Larry Jansen.

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