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March 1, 2013

Stanley Cup in Feb

Filed under: Canned Heat — mcgonnigle @ 9:55 pm

Re my recent post about how easily the NHL could pull people in by playing their showcase event in Jan-Feb-Mar, when there’s bad weather and little else going on. The idea was to halt the regular season at Christmas and invite ALL the teams to the tourny. Naysayers quickly said, “…but what about teams that get eliminated in the first round? Now they sit during primo hockey season!”

No, no they don’t. You immediately commence season II by pairing the losing teams. They have to play each other and now they will, just a bit early. Their schedule can thin out in the better weather when most normal people want to be outside or watch baseball.

I find the idea that people in North America want to hang out in a dingy rink during the most glorious months of the year (May-June) just ludicrous! But that’s when hockey wants you to tune in for their big stuff! And, and, they play 82 nearly meaningless games to whittle off the 30% or the teams that are putrid anyway! I will never get this. The NBA does pretty much the same thing even though the NCAA has pretty much GIVEN THEM A ROADMAP TO A TOURNAMENT FORMAT THAT EVERYONE WOULD LOVE. Duh. You don’t have to be Sam & Quincy, staying up all night to figure that one out. The NBA could suspend the dopey regular season in Feb and hold it’s own single elimination tournament. There are 30 teams. 15 teams w/2 byes and then 8-4-2-1. If you play a game every 3 or 4 days, you could wrap in under 2 weeks! Can you say “Office Pool”?

And worse than that, baseball, the sport that other sports used to copy, is now copying these ridiculous formats. I think if you slept like Rip van Winkle, you’d come back and every ticket that wasn’t Spring training would say “Playoff” on it. Rock Soup, anyone?

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