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January 7, 2013

Good luck, Dontrelle

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Dontrelle Willis is trying again with the Indians I think it is and I’d like to say, “Good Luck”. He’s a good guy, and I hope he makes some noise like in the old days when he was rookie of the year.

I recall buying tickets in Miami, ooh, about an hour before the game and sitting about 20 rows right behind home plate and watching the Mets light up the D-Train. This was maybe 2007.

His motion looked the way Ralph Kiner always describes Ewell Blackwell, “…like a man falling out of a tree”. Now I’ve never SEEN Blackwell, but I have heard my dad and Kiner say this a million times. Willis was all arms and legs and angles and motion and then the ball came in. It wasn’t fooling anyone the night we were there. I hope it does this year. Good luck.
As predicted I got hammered on the Liverpool Echo with my comment about Suarez but was pleased to see a columnist basically write what I wrote so I couldn’t have been far off.

Big game at OT this Sunday at 8:30am. You get keyed up. You watch them come out of the tunnel and you get THAT feeling. Nothing like it. I feel sorry for guys like J (will Hale be watching?)
The see-through clock continues to pay dividends. Tonight I watched it with my 5 yr old and I got him noticing the idea that every other gear goes the other way. He liked that. I was using the terminology “Left-Loosy, Righty-tighty”, but moved on to “clockwise” and “Counterclockwise”. He got it! This is a boy who knew is left from right at age 3! So it was nice.

Then I explained to him that the English say “Anti-Clockwise” while we say “Counter Clockwise”. He laughed and said that was “silly”. I told him it was fine and didn’t want to get into the different meanings of “silly”. In the USA, it’s meaning is more like “frivolous” or “nonsensical”, but it the UK, it’s more rude and basically means “stupid”. Another time on that one.

He’s starting to tell analog time and gets the distinction between the “big” and “little” hands. When the alarm bell rang, he nozzled me and told me, and begged me to come in and “have a little talk with him”, which is what we call it when I hang out with them at bedtime. About 5 times tonight, I formed the thought that I don’t want them to grow up. I want to “print” everything and it’s going by so fast.

As for that thought, I think of Apollo XII’s Dick Gordon, the Command Module Pilot (the gumdrop thingy that orbited the moon). He was talking to men who would follow him up in that role and the point was about keeping the timeline that NASA packs the mission with: “Time is relentless”. We can fight the minute to minute feeling of it passing sometimes, but ultimately, it will win.

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