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October 22, 2012

My favorite inning of the year

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The Giants look like they are going to win the pennant and it was the darndest inning I have seen in a while. First ball hacking and balls not leaving the infield!

Hunter Pence, the really intense looking bugeyed guy, hit a ball that was revealed by the high speed camera to have hit the ball twice! 3000 frames per second and the ball was thrown out at an odd angle that wrong-footed the shortstop and it went through for 3 runs, thanks to a nervous boot in the outfield. Sheer bedlam. Makes me wish I was there like I was 10 years ago!

Pence, who has been struggling, was out of his mind in the dugout describing the play to anyone who would listen. That’s the best feeling in sports–that stuff. Nothing better.

But do folks realize that if there were replay, the thing might have gone for an out?!? I’m curious if any writers (besides me) come up with this angle tomorrow.

There is a clear rule in baseball: If the batter strikes the ball twice with the bat–he is out. No wiggle room on this. None. So the 3000 frame/second camera reveals it to have hit the bat at least 2 times and perhaps 4 or 5 times. Clearly, with the broken bat, there was no intent, but the rule doesn’t get into that, and if there’s iron clad replay, do they call it and flip this game around? I doubt it, but it’s interesting to think about.

Go get them, Giants! Pence was struggling all series–made up for him! Love it!

An email from Swami in reply to my message earlier (note the creative use of the = sign, a hallmark of the Swami). The game is 7-0 and he’s predicting a 7-3 result. It’s downright eerie. I’m not convinced that Detroit will lose, but it’s sure hard to sit around for a week and wait…

B = just got home to your phone call === would call you back but we’re out to a friend’s house for dinner === and we’re already late. === === picked the giants to play yanks in the WS so I’m sticking with the giants to get there === a 7-3 win against the cards === the giants just bleed you == slowly === and if they get to the series == they will do the same with the tigers == believe me = i’ve seen enuf of them the last ten weeks in the NL West. ====did Zito surprise me in game five === not at all. === carve it in cement== game seven === giants 7 = cards 3 swami

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