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October 18, 2012

Yanks buy playoff berth: 17 of the last 18 years.

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Listened to Sterling and Soosan as the Yankee season imploded and they were bragging that the Yankees had made the playoffs 17 of the last 18 years. Yea? Of course you did! Because in ALL 18 of those seasons, you had the highest payroll in MLB!!! You bought the dang spot! And the Orioles, who most of us would rather see (new, young, exciting), can’t get in because the dopey Yankees have to buy up that spot every year!

I’m so, so, soooo tired of it. They aren’t “great”; there’s nothing remarkable about them; you put out that kind of money and you will get in the playoffs and by the law of averages, you’ll win some titles. Cut 100 million off you payroll and win a title and I’ll say, “ok, you did something”. I’m not impressed by what the Yankees do. It’s dopey. It’s BORING! Oops, they won again! Shazam! How do they do it? Oy. Like rooting for a 6th grader to beat up a 3rd grader and then getting all worked up about it.

If it weren’t for the Astros trying to save a lousy 300 grand, Jeter would have been an Astro; he would probably have been in only one post season; and would be only marginally more well known than Craig Biggio is right now. Sorry, folks, that’s the truth. The Astros took Phil Nevin instead. He would sign for less. Cha-ching.


I called the Swami driving home as the game was getting out of hand and the Swam must have had a few Manhattans because he was feeling sorry for the Yankees! He was telling me that Tex and CC and Granderson are nice guys. I told him that Allie Reynolds was a nice guy and he practically hissed back at me, such are the raw memories of Allie Reynolds kicking the Dodger’s behinds. That got us into Eddie Lopat and how the Dodgers were so right handed that they hit Lopat well.

With Scherzer throwing a no hitter (he didn’t realize), that brought up Bill Bevens and Lavagetto’s hit to break up the no hitter and win the game. The trivia question is who is on 2nd for the double? Reiser was walked and it’s Ed Miksis who scored the winning run.

All in all, I couldn’t believe the sentimentality of feeling bad for the Yankees. Then he said, “…I’ve had a couple of drinks” and it all fit together. Last year, we watched the Yankees get eliminated on the phone together and we were absolutely giddy! Just beside ourselves. This year was not as good that way.

The Giants’ season rests on Barry Zito. Oof!
If the Cards-Detroit is the matchup, it is a repeat of 1968 and 1934. Detroit won 68 and the Gas House Gang won in 1934. Frank Frisch, Leo Durocher, Pepper Martin, Dizzy Dean, Joe Medwick. I tried to explain to my 5 year old “the Gas House Gang”. “When you’re in a gas house, you’re crazy”, I said, “the guys were crazy, so they called them that.” He was puzzled.

With the Yankees out, now I can ENJOY the postseason. Ahhh…


  1. Fog.. the 06 World Series was also DET-STL. I guess the visions of Carlos Beltran striking out in game 7 at Shea seems like 100 years ago but it was only 6 years ago lol.

    Comment by Hale — October 19, 2012 @ 9:40 am | Reply

    • Hale taking a shot at the Mets! I’m sure that if the Mets spent 200 million in 2006, like the Yankees do every year, instead of what they did spend (circa 110-120 if I recall), I’m sure we’d have beaten the cardinals (but I really don’t want to win that way).

      I think it’s time to start calling this year’s Yankee debacle “a collapse”. Maybe Mike Francesa can use the word “collapse” and “Yankees” in a sentence every 10 minutes for the next 7 years, like he did with the 2007 Mets? This one isn’t as bad as the all time greatest collapse in sports history (The 2004 Yankees; up 3-nill with a lead and the ball in Mariano’s hand), but it’s a big one when you consider the 10 game lead they almost blew and the payroll disparity.

      Yes, the Yankees can pile on the stats against bad teams in June, but when they play good teams with good starters, they fold up like a cheap suit!

      Enjoy the games!

      Comment by mcgonnigle — October 19, 2012 @ 9:55 am | Reply

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