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May 8, 2012

Oh, Hale: the Last of Kuyt at Anfield (and Maxi)

Sad day today. And Kenny, while he gave Maxi a start on his way out in front of The Kop, didn’t start Dirk Kuyt! C’mon, Kenny. You have to give this guy 70 or 80 mins!

Listening to the game on sat radio, oddly enough, I was driving and clearly heard the Maxi Song. What a great song. We should have had many, many more opportunities to sing it this year. Kenny, you lost the scent. Last year, Kuyt, Miereles, Maxi and Suarez were awesome. In fact, they got you that job on permanent status from caretaker. And the first thing you did was bury them! Miereles? Out. Maxi? Bench: despite the best scoring-to-mins ratio on the team. Guess he was making the bought players look bad (that wasn’t hard). Kuyt? Also used less and less.

Anyway, Maxi and Dirk: Thanks for the memories. Thanks Dirk for the tireless running and trackbacks and great attitude and some really big, memorable goals. An unselfish player. A team player. He will be missed. But understand that he and Maxi SHOULD LEAVE! Leave. Please. Don’t stay where Kenny has clearly back-burnered you.

I hate to say it but I don’t want Kenny back. Love the guy, but he needs to vacate. I would take Rafa back in a heartbeat. Rafa? With that money that Kenny just blew? Rafa would have had some major players in for that cash. Not guys where you have to constantly be reminded that, oh, “…they’ll come good”. No, they would BE good. Right now. No waiting. How about that?

When did he lose me? The Bolton game. Then he won me back for a spell, but it’s clear. Clear.

Here is the latest scuttlebutt on KD and John Henry.

And remember. Maxi Rodriguez could start for Argentina, but he couldn’t get Henderson’s or Downing’s place in the side.

Watch this to cheer you up.

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