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August 23, 2007

Rob Styles: In Cahoots with Chelski

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[I love the reactions. Carragher wigs out while Gerrard just has that look that sort of says, “…you ******”]


I love this stuff. Only the Brits could get this INTO a story. And, well, it does have a potential whiff of something, I suppose.


It seems that the referee who gave Chelsea the bogus PK and the double yellow card for Essien and then didn’t send him off, THAT guy, Rob Styles, well, he sits on the Board of a paving outfit that just paved the driveway of Chelsea moneyman, Roman Abramovich! hahaha.


But it is kind of strange, don’t you think? I mean, what are the odds? But really, the idea that Styles is thinking, “…if I make sure Chelsea wins at Anfield, Abromovich will send all his driveway work to my firm, and I’ll be sitting pretty. It’s almost, but not quite the deal that angry, childish Liberals want people to believe with Cheney. You know, the one where we are only in Iraq to pump Cheney’s portfolio? He’s supposed to be so evil and calculating that he wants thousands to die to pump his share prices a few pennies. And there are college-educated adults who believe this so I suppose the driveway paving deal is not that crazed.


What’s far more likely is that this ref is from Sussex. London is right above there. Chelsea is in West London.



Liverpool is on Merseyside.  That’s the Northwest.  Long way to London, Sussex and the boyhood home of Mr. Rob Styles.  I am guessing that Styles is a supporter of Chelsea.  Look, all these guys grew up in England and were football mad.  They had to be to reach the top flight of refereeing.  So the guy has to support SOMEone.  Ask anyone from Britain who they support.  They’ll tell you.  The Scottish nurse who delivered Tommy told us since she was Protestant, she rooted for Glasgow Rangers, not Catholic Celtic.  They take this seriously there.  So Styles either directly supports Chelsea or, or…he is just the right age to remember nothing but the Liverpool dominance of the 1970-80’s.  The Reds don’t have the 5 Euro Cups for nothing, you know.  And he was in a position to “help” ensure that Liverpool do not get back to winning the league like the old days.  It’s much more plausible than the Cheneyian theory of driveway paving.  But I love it anyway.  –fog 

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