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May 23, 2015

Check out Mushnick’s column tomorrow, Sunday 5/23/2015

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We haven’t seen it, but we suspect that we will be very pleased tomorrow when we click into Phil Mushnick’s Sunday column. See for yourself.

Have a great holiday weekend, and really, how can you not? When the Giants have swept the Dodgers with a shutout in ALL 3 GAMES!

2 tough ones in Colorado today though, after a draining, raining game last night. That place really is a house of horrors for baseball, but the Giants are feeling strong. Petit in G2. Bring it!

January 25, 2015

Baseball Writer’s Dinner 2015

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This was my favorite part of the dinner–meeting two front office guys from the Giants and them allowing me to pose with their series rings. That’s a 2010 on the left and a 2012 on the right. Awesome.

January 11, 2015

Diary of Early American Boy Noah Blake, 1805

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I am familiar w/the work of Eric Sloane but not this particular one. Does anyone know of this book? It looks decent so if anyone has read it, please weigh in.

Eric Sloane: Diary of Early American Boy Noah Blake, 1805

Baseball Reliquary

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Meet 2009 recipient of the Baseball Reliquary’s Hilda award: BOB COLLEARY
A Brooklyn-born TV writer now living in Los Angeles, Bob Colleary is a collector of relics from baseball’s past. At one time or another he owned Donn Clendenon’s 1969 Mets World Series ring, Babe Ruth’s spittoon, and the lineup card from Game Six of the 1975 World Series which was won by Carlton Fisk’s 12th-inning homer. As a gift to his long-suffering Bucky Dented Red Sox fan friends, he also performed a complex ritualistic exorcism which Reversed The Curse using a straight razor which had once shaved Babe Ruth. While much of his collection has been redistributed throughout the collecting landscape, his prized possession remains Bill Veeck’s wooden leg, which is the centerpiece of his Strat-o-Matic baseball league of the same name. The annual draft lottery is conducted each New Year’s Eve by placing dice inside the leg and rolling them onto the floor.

November 8, 2014

The Irish discover baseball

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Click here for a short video.

October 29, 2014

Where have you gone, Joe Panik? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

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October 26, 2014

Madison Bumgarner

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Bumgarner now has a lower World Series ERA than Christy Mathewson.


October 25, 2014

In The Cove for Game 4

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photo 3

My good friend Edward, who lives just outside of San Fran proper, is in The Cove tonight for game 4. It must be amazing. Hopefully, next year, we may get out there.

This 3rd inning is really hard to watch. But you know what? It’s little tiny things. A ball sails into the runner. Belt’s throw makes Craw jump up so they can’t turn 2. The Pitcher-Covers play where the lunge at the ball took Vogey a step off a path he’s taken a MILLION times. This inning could have ended any of 3 or 4 different ways. Yusemero Petit in. Now on that check swing, that’s the 5th time the inning could have and should have ended.

Don’t give up on the Giants just yet. Thanks Ed. Get a Belt Slam out there wouldja?

October 16, 2014

The Giants win the pennant!

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Panik. Joe Panik.




After the error in left I just felt so bad for him and Bochy left him in because you are NEVER more focused than after you make an error like that. Wonderful.

And Ishi thanking Jesus in his first speech and giving credit to God–I love it! You deserve it, Travis! Wade in it! Thank you!

I was sitting with my boys and before the bottom of the 9th I explained to them that if they lived to be 105, if the Giants win the pennant right here, they will ALWAYS remember it–they will tell their kids and their grandkids. And then it happened. How fun was that?

This takes me back to 2002 when I was at AT&T Park (Pac Bell then) and saw them win a walk off pennant vs the Cardinals. The feeling; the crowd–it was awesome. You could just ride on the energy going out of there. I am not going to get much sleep I don’t think. Man o man, first I score a goal in the charity soccer game and now this!

I recall watching them from up close in Pittsburgh at that remarkable game on May 5-6; 11-10 in 13 innings. I recall seeing them and thinking, “this team is very likely going to be in the World Series….” I just felt it. And they were mowing everyone down early April and May. Just cruising. They are a special team. An amazing team. I have enjoyed watching this team more than any other team I’ve ever seen. Wow.

And the Giants gave my boys 3 balls that day in Pittsburgh and I’ve been waiting to write __________s on them. We’ll see.

And tip of the hat to the Cards–they are young and will be back again and again. They are a class organization. There aren’t any bubble machines in their dugout. Yes, I’m taking about you, Dodgers.


October 9, 2014

Where to now? St. Jeter?

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Swami is now saying the Giants will win the pennant and it’s freaking me out. I told him to cut it out. I don’t want to be a favorite. I want to be laying in the tall weeds. I want them to be the dog. They were dogs in 2012, 2010 and heck, 1954 for that matter.

Did you ever notice how when the media is gushing about the Dodgers, they never seem to mention that they have the highest payroll in history? I think that’s a material fact, don’t you?

While talking about Saint Jeter, someone asked me who has ever gotten the press he’s gotten? In other words, are there any analogs? I immediately posited that Mattingly was Jeter before Jeter, and still is, in a way, in that he gets all kinds of staunch support as manger of the most expensive team in history, even when they underperform and he makes managerial blunders. The media protects him a fair amount. He was Jeter before Jeter after all and the national media is pretty heavily Yankee-leaning don’t ever forget.

Well, who else? I would put Ripken in that group. His coverage was just way out of proportion to his game. I would also put Reggie Jackson in that category. Notice something about the names? Yep. Three of four are Yankees and that’s no accident. When the Yankees have a good player, the Yankee-centric media just BEATS IT TO DEATH. Of course, there’s the breathless, “what about the streak?”. What about it? Is not getting injured a talent? Did he hurt his team by not taking any time off? It’s a strange thing, a streak.

I liken it to the debate of who is the greatest SP of all time? Walter Johnson, right? But I have a problem with that because Johnson was so freakishly fast, he did most of his 400+ wins withOUT a breaking ball! Is that talent? That you develop? Or is it using what God gave you? I lean towards Grover Cleveland Alexander. By all accounts, he did it with smarts, with guile, with control and not with any particular overmatch attribute. He missed time early on and his records at the Baker Bowl are just out of this world. Besides that, he may have sold games. So what would his record have been? You want Cy Young? You want Mathewson? I get it. For me, it’s those two guys and that issue.

And the ones who will leave the angry comments do not understand, and can not separate the player with the coverage. What I’m talking about is the coverage, not the player. When I’m saying “uncle” because I can not stand it anymore, it’s “uncle” to the coverage–the haigiographic coverage. And the other day, when Bryce Harper was immodest and stared down Strickland and screamed what had to be curses from the dugout after taking him deep, I said to someone, “you know, this kid needs to act better. You’d never see Jeter do any of that stuff”. But, here’s the thing, I could have used any of a hundred players to make that point. Michael Young. Buster Posey. Mark Teixiera. Raul Ibanez. Mel Ott. Turkey Mike Donlin. You get the point. NOT Yaisel Puig. No, not him.

What am I looking forward to in the pennant-series? Well, no Yankees and no Jeter, let’s be clear. No Clayton Kershaw, who is rapidly rising on the list of guys who’s coverage is getting a little much. When a guy gets hit hard in a big spot for the SECOND TIME in TWO YEARS, and the announcers begin making excuses for him (stealing signs etc), then hold onto your wallet. I’m looking forward to one of the most enjoyable teams I’ve ever watched, do their thing. Bring it!

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